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Kirk Veronie

Kirk Veronie
Business Development

Kirk Veronie started his first job with a major service company and quickly progressed. Kirk gained invaluable experience with this company and became an expert in:

  • • Gravel pack stimulation

  • • Perforation

  • • Gravel pack tools

  • • Squeeze tools

  • • Liner hangers

  • • Drilling Fluids

  • • Well Site Planning

  • • Engineering

  • • Well Site Management

Kirk's work with drilling fluids took him overseas, and upon his return to the United States, he took an upper management role in Baker Hughes Drilling Fluids, before leaving for an exciting opportunity with a smaller company. He helped with this smaller company's development and was able to go on from this important experience to form A1 Drilling Fluids INC in 2007. After the success of A1, Kirk started working as a drilling consultant, seeing several projects through to successful completions. Kirk decided to form Global Operator Energy Services, LLC and continue to provide the highest quality support and solutions for all of his clients. Kirk has extensive national and international experience, having spent many years in the North American region, including the Gulf, and successful projects in India. Kirk's specialties include:

  • • High pressure/high temperature

  • • Underbalanced

  • • Horizontal and coil tubing operations (onshore and offshore)

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